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Over the past few years, it has been hard to watch as our elected officials continue to fail the American people as they pursue seemingly mindless agendas and “everyone but” America-first policies. Inflation is rising to historic numbers and the economy continues to degrade.

I believe New Hampshire is ready and in need of younger representation in Washington. We need leadership that can relate to the struggles of the average citizen and understands firsthand the severity of the situation. New Hampshire could benefit from someone capable of bridging the generational-gap that is in part fueling the division of this country. Politics, as well as the state of the union is always changing and in the same sense that we view the Constitution as a living document, periodically in need of revamping, so does our leadership. We cannot rationally expect a better outcome if we continue to elect the same pedigree of people to office, doomed to make the same poor decisions as their predecessors. New Hampshire doesn’t need another privileged, ive leaguer claiming to know whats in the best interest of the middle to lower-class citizen. As your Representative I will be that common thread. A Common Man to bring Common Sense politics to capitol hill. Policies that place the American People and American Interest to the forefront of decision making. I will employ practices aimed at preserving liberty while upholding the integrity of our laws, the constitution and the virtues we the people hold true. I am fighting to preserve our way of life in the granite state. Our state motto is not a simple string of words, it's a tradition and a statement that resonates in the bones of our ancestors. “Live Free or Die” is more than just the Granite State of Mind, it's the American way of Life.



  • Not being able to afford groceries at the end of the week.
  • Losing my employment and being outsourced, or deemed obsolete.
  • The fear of having a home invasion and not being able to protect myself, or losing the right to protect myself.
  • Not being able to invest in a tangible retirement fund, knowing that I may never be able to retire.
  • Coming to the realization that the American dream is no longer for Americans.
  • Becoming a sanctuary nation.
  • We are on the precipice of war and if we go to war, everything will  get exponentially worse.
  • The threat of Social Security running out and millions of Americans are left helpless.
  • Facing the fear that we may experience economic collapse, delving the US into a second great depression.

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On September 10, 2024, vote in the
New Hampshire Primary
for Paul Wagner for Congress

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